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Peanut Cloud IT

A fully managed cloud IT service for Macs

Move your Mac IT to the cloud

Peanut Cloud IT is a managed cloud IT service (ITaaS). Leveraging central system management and a security compliance suite of products it manages deployment, patching and monitoring of your Mac computers. Updates, installs, security enforcement and custom settings are all managed centrally and seamlessly.

Zero Touch deployment

Peanut takes over as soon as you start a Mac device for the first time. It installs all required apps and sets it up ready for use.

Unlike many other computer management systems, Peanut is made for Mac by Mac fanatics. It is not a Windows system with half-hearted Mac support. It is aimed at Mac users and no one else. Being Mac centric enables us to dedicate our resources to providing Mac users the best possible experience. Based around the systems used by Google, Facebook, Disney and many universities and schools around the world, we bring enterprise level quality and security to small business. We like Peanut so much we use it too.

Peanut can help your business become GDPR compliant by ensuring your systems are up-to-date and are setup with data security and integrity in mind.

Services included in main package:

  • Simple Enrolment
    • Single double-clickable signed installer
    • Can be deployed via Apple Remote Desktop
    • Install via web link
    • DEP enrolment via Apple Business Manager
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
    • SSO, AD, Azure support
    • Custom MDM profiles
  • Encryption Enforcement
    • Encryption is enforced on all computers
    • A recovery key is stored securely
  • Automated Updates
    • Applications, drivers, security updates all happen automatically without user intervention keeping your network secure and up-to-date
  • Revertible Updates
    • ​Some updates cause more problems than they solve. Our system can downgrade an application or driver if necessary.
  • Antimalware
    • Anti-malware software with automatic scanning and removal costs £2-3/device/month, we include it for free
  • Security Enforcement
    • Enforce various security settings such as encrypt-on-hibernate, screen lock, firewall
  • Application Installation Control
    • Control which programs get installed on your company systems
    • Apple AppStore VPP support
  • Customised Setup
    • ​We will customise the setup to suit your business needs, down to the last byte.
  • Shared Secret LAPS management
    • In the past system administrators used a single master password to access all computers. A leak of such a password could have severe security consequences. Shared Secret LAPS works by combining a randomised password, a password escrow service and a shared secret that can be revoked at any time to make your systems as secure as possible.
  • Custom AppStore
    • Create your company custom AppStore where users can easily download and install approved pre-licensed applications.
  • Standard Users (non-admin) possible
    • The system allows non-admin users to install and update approved apps, eliminating the need to make users administartors.
  • Zero Trust
    • If needed the clients can be locked down with zero-trust settings
  • All data transfers are encrypted
    • We use industry standard top grade encryption to protect all data 
  • 2-way identity verification
    • In order to prevent anyone from accessing your data, a key based 2-way handshake protocol is used to verify both server and client before each data transfer. Your user name and password are useless to a hacker without your unique key which is near impossible to copy.
  • Predictive Hardware Failure
    • We use deep SMART diagnostics to predict hard disk and SSD failures before they happen
    • Thermal load monitoring
    • Battery health monitoring
    • Fan failure alerts
  • Location Tracking
    • You can enable location tracking on your Macs
  • Energy Usage report
    • Monitor the energy consumption of your Macs, some rogue programs can cause your computers to run at very high loads, increasing their energy use.
  • Application Usage Tracking
    • See which programs are being used and analyse work patterns
  • Apple security updates enforcement
    • Normally a user can defer a security update indefenitely. Our system will ensure that updates happen in a timely manner, allowing the user to save their work before forcing the update according to a system set schedule.
  • Installer integrity verification
    • All installers and updaters are verified before they are executed on your devices
  • All data scanned for viruses, adware and malware
    • All the data we transfer is scanned for all known threats by some of the best security providers including Sophos, AVG, ClamAV, MalwareBytes, McAfee and others.
  • Remote Wipe
    • If a computer is stolen we can delete all user data remotely if the computer ever goes online
  • Cloud Service
    • The service is available anywhere in the world with internet access, branch offices and remote workers included
    • We deploy content delivery networks around the world to ensure a high speed connection no matter where you are.
  • Behind the scenes
    • Most of the tasks are performed seamlessly in the background
  • Rapid system deployment
    • Deploy new Macs quickly and efficiently. Simply install our application, restart and watch as all your standard applications and drivers get installed automatically.
    • Use Apple DEP for zero-touch deployment
  • Inventory and hardware monitoring
    • Rich data and statistics about your computers including
      • Memory
      • Network
      • WiFi
      • Storage
      • Security
      • Backup status (Archiware, TimeMachine and CrashPlan supported)
      • CPU and memory load
      • Bandwidth usage
      • AV status (Sophos, MalwareBytes, SentinelOne supported)
      • MS Office license tracking
      • All data is exportable in PDF and Excel formats
  • Highly compatible, small footprint
    • Works on any Mac made on or after 2006
    • Minimum OS - 10.6.8 Snow Leopard
    • Fully compatible with 10.14 Mojave
Standard Plan
£ 9.95
$ 12.45
per device/month
Managed Software Centre
Managed Software Centre
IT admin dashboard
IT admin dashboard 
Location tracking
Location tracking