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Security is no joke

We offer a range of solutions including DPI-SSL firewalls with Zero Hour file scanning, enforced data encryption, segregated WiFi networks, VLANs, managed network ports and more to ensure your data is protected. We update all the software regularly and monitor logs for suspicious activity. Despite working for many high profile clients, we have so far had zero data breaches.

Why you are a target

Everyone is a target and most malware and scamware are spread randomly using automated scripts that send out thousands or even millions of such messages before they are blocked. Some high visibility clients such as celebrities or government representative are a specific target for hacking, the rest of us just get hit at random. In other words, it's mostly just bad luck. Using strong defences can greatly reduces the chances for such an attack and the damage it can create.



Most data being transferred these days is encrypted. Be it web, email or instant messaging, the likelihood is that the connection is made using an SSL certificate and is being encrypted on-the-fly. This presents a challenge to traditional data inspection system (DPI) usually found in firewalls. Since the data is encrypted the firewall can't decipher it and can't differentiate between genuine data and malware. DPI-SSL is needed in order to overcome this shortcoming and requires a powerful firewall that can decrypt, analyse and re-encrypt the data in real time.